Sessions & Scheduling

Sessions & Scheduling

Basic Movement and Consulting Sessions

Free Introductory Phone Consultation
For new and prospective clients. Learn more about my services and receive instructions for setting up online sessions and preparing a movement space. 

Initial Assessment and Movement Session
For first-time clients. In this first online session, we'll review your client questionnaire in depth, and discuss your health and movement history, goals, obstacles and available resources. We will begin with simple introductory movements to get a baseline postural and mobility evaluation. We will prioritize objectives and create a plan for our work together, and you may be given additional foundational exercises to begin practicing right away to address specific concerns and goals.
$195 / 75 minutes
New clients: please be sure to complete and submit the Client Questionnaire and the Consent/Waiver Form prior to booking this session.  Also, please review the Getting Started page. Contact me at if you have any questions.

Movement Session: 75 minutes
For returning clients. Personalized movement session, including check-in, a thorough gentle warm-up, restorative and corrective exercises, stretching, joint mobilization, postural work, natural movement practices and 10-15 minutes for questions and review of current goals and progress.
$165 / 75 minutes

Movement Session: 45 minutes
For returning clients.  Shorter sessions are ideal for refreshing and reinforcing exercise instructions, practicing movement patterns with corrective feedback, and checking on progress towards overall health and mobility goals. 
$90 / 45 minutes

Movement Session: 30 minutes
For returning clients.
$60 / 30 minutes

Intention, Motivation and Resource Counseling (IMR)
For ongoing clients. In this session we meet online to refine goals and movement priorities.  
This is not a movement / exercise session. It is a coaching session intended to

  • provide motivational guidance and address any obstacles or concerns you are experiencing
  • review updated assessments from other practitioners (such as physicians, nutritionists and physical therapists)
  • identify additional resources (such as referrals from my colleagues, local movement groups, instructors, classes; indoor or outdoor locations) that may support your practice
  • address emerging physical and mental resistance patterns
    $60 / 30 minutes

Specialized, Discount & Package Sessions

session packages:

  • encourage consistency and commitment
  • strengthen the therapeutic / coaching relationship
  •  track your movement progress over time
  • help you refine, modify and add complexity to your movement goals and practices
  • provide ongoing guidance and support
  • save 30-50% on session fees

5-Session Package $550  (save $275 on 5 sessions - 65 minutes) Expires 6 months from purchase.

10-Session Package $980  (save $670 on 10 sessions - 65 minutes) Expires 6 months from purchase.

Click here to view scheduling & rates for 45-minute and 30-minute session packages.

Two-Person Movement Sessions
Share online movement coaching sessions with a second person.
$200 / 65 minutes

New clients: please be sure that both participants complete and submit a Client Questionnaire and the Consent/Waiver Form prior to booking this session.  Also, please review the Getting Started page. 

Special Focus
Specialized sessions or online group workshops can be arranged for up to 4 people.
I work with clients to address specific issues and areas of interest.  Topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • deskwork and releasing neck strain
  • reversing kyphosis
  • dance exercises for shoulder mobility
  • modifying home layout for better movement opportunity
  • strong and supple feet / plantar fasciitis relief 
  • hip resilience and stability
  • healing from abdominal weakness
  • deepening the breath / releasing thoracic tension

    Contact me at to discuss pricing and scheduling.

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