Getting Started

Getting Started


1. Optional: Use the contact button on the lower right corner of the screen, or write to me at to set up a free phone consultation during which you can learn more about my movement sessions, tell me about yourself and ask any questions you have before scheduling a session. Or, go directly to step 2:

2. Read, complete and submit the Client Questionnaire and the Consent/Waiver Form.

3. You are now ready to schedule our introductory session. Click on the orange Contact or Schedule buttons at the bottom or right side of the screen, or go directly to my online appointment service. After you set up a client account, you can view session options, see the calendar and schedule your appointment(s). 

Internet & Data connection

Studio KatieG is the portal for my online / remote movement coaching sessions.  An internet or other data connection capable of supporting video calls is required.

Download Skype if you don't already have it installed, following instructions for your device or computer. It is also possible for us to use FaceTime or Zoom to conduct sessions. Let me know your preference when you fill out the Client Questionnaire.

If you are using a tablet or smartphone, you may want to use a stand that allows an adjustable video angle, such as the Levo G2. If you are using a desktop, an adjustable camera eye is important. 

Movement space

Set up a clear floorspace that is at minimum 4 or 5 feet square (1.5 meters square).  Adjust your device or computer so that your movement space and body are visible with plenty of room "around the edges." The larger the space included in the camera field, the better, so that I can see you move and perform specialized activities. The room lighting should be coming from the ceiling and/or from lights or windows in front of you to reduce glare.

floor 1.jpg
floor 2.jpg
floor 4.jpg


Online movement sessions require very little or no special equipment.
A yoga mat or two, an exercise mat, or a medium-firm, non-slippery carpet are ideal surfaces.
A notebook is very useful to help you record information and progress from our sessions.

We may also use the following items to assist in modifying or supporting your range of motion: 

  • a stable chair or still with a firm, flat seat
  • a large towel that can be rolled up to form a bolster
  • a thick book (like a phone book) that you don't mind stepping on
  • a long scarf or strap

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