Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does StudioKatieG offer aerobic or cardio exercise? Are the sessions strenuous?

While the movement practices that I teach are not high-intensity, cardiovascular-targeted or fat-burning workouts, they may elevate body temperature and gently stimulate heart rate, complementing  (and helping clients prepare for) higher-impact activities. More importantly, my lessons cultivate awareness, strength and flexibility, conditioning the whole body with an integrated approach suitable for any client's evolving abilities. The sessions are scalable, progressive and personalized. 

During the learning phase, as the body adapts to new skills and becomes more coordinated, it's important to recognize the limits that focused strenuous exercise can place on safety and ease. However, as clients progress and seek more challenge, we can increase session time, add complexity to the movements, and increase the physical demands by incorporating balancing or weight-bearing variables.


What is restorative and corrective exercise?

Broadly, restorative exercise includes any movement practice that helps restore optimal functions such as range of motion, oxygenation and resilience.  Specifically, Restorative Exercise™ is an alignment-based program created by my mentor and teacher, Katy Bowman. This system teaches movement skills that build strength, flexibility and balance, enhance joint and tissue health, and foster somatic self-awareness.

Corrective exercise focuses specifically on remedying asymmetries, imbalances, hyper- and hypo-mobilities, weaknesses, overcompensations and inefficient or dysfunctional movement habits.  The exercises are not only tailored to re-pattern bodily movement, but also to refine and adapt the mind's perception of alignment and physical potential.

What is natural movement?


Natural movement is the shared physical vocabulary used by all humans across time and culture. It is the universal, non-specialized and highly adaptive result of over a hundred thousand years of hominid evolution. It includes walking, balancing, crawling, sitting, squatting, climbing, jumping, lifting and carrying.

In response to the demands of survival and to natural environments, our bodies developed highly versatile joints and muscles to execute these basic movements. Now, our sedentary, convenience-based culture has eliminated the need for the broad palette of movements that once kept us healthy, and confined us to restricted spaces and narrow ranges of motion. Many so-called movement pathologies and expressions of pain arise from a lack of natural movement.

Natural movement practices re-awakens inherent, evolutionary human patterning and abilities. As a MovNat Certified Trainer with an active teaching and personal coaching practice, I include many basic natural movement principles and skills in my sessions. 

What can I expect to get out of sessions with StudioKatieG ?

Through the Client Questionnaire, and in our initial consultation and session, you will have the opportunity to identify your own specific health and movement goals. Regardless of what these are, you can expect to make progress towards your objectives. You can also expect to

  • experience greater ease, grace and self-awareness in daily movement
  • learn a wide range of adaptable exercises, movement skills and practices that are specific to your needs
  • improve your coordination, balance, alignment and movement efficiency
  • increase proficiency in assessing your own mobility on an ongoing basis
  • develop somatic confidence

Additionally, I commit to offer my clients:

  • clear and timely communication
  • confidential, personalized attention in all aspects of our work
  • intelligent, safe and compassionate movement instruction and guidance 
  • ongoing motivational support
  • shared resources and referrals when appropriate