Client Testimonials


Katie has a gracious and supportive style that allows a person to honestly see their body restrictions and tensions, and to learn to change them into more freedom of movement.  It takes a skillful eye to see these movement patterns. As a true practitioner of the truth she teaches, Katie inspires change. 
Pamela Ramadei, MCC, Executive Leadership Coach, Founder of Choice to Change Alliance

I am a 62-year-old professional writer and editor who spends most of my day sitting at a computer. Katie has helped me keep this old body moving and pain free. She has taught me exercises to relieve low-back pain, stretching the adductors, various pelvis movements, and how to safely squat to lift heavy materials such as boxes of paper. Katie has a professional knowledge of how the body works and a specific understanding of what I can do to improve my own movement. Her guidance through various exercise routines is gently given to those of us who aren't all that flexible. She demonstrates every movement so that I can see how each exercise is accurately done with clear instructions and descriptions of how to move and how to improve my physical self.
James Sheppard

Thanks to just a few classes in Natural Movement with Katie, I feel much more confident hiking.   A more diverse range of movements is reassuring and fun!  “I can do that!” feels great after some years of feeling borderline “too old.”
Ann S.

After I had a compound work-related injury, Katie helped me understand the importance of continuing gradual, safe movement to insure recovery. My inclination was to retreat from any activity at all, but she encouraged me to gently meet the restrictions in my mobility with consistent practice. I healed well and am stronger and more mobile than before the injury.
John K.

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