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Katie Getchell

I am a Colorado-based movement educator, coach and therapeutic bodyworker. My 18 years as a Practitioner of Structural Integration (also known as Rolfing®) and Certified Massage Therapist have given me a deep foundation in human anatomy and biomechanics. My experience includes three decades of yoga study, an eclectic dance performance and teaching background, natural movement and restorative exercise training. With over fifteen thousand hours of client and student contact, I have had the privilege of watching and learning from many hundreds of bodies in motion.  

Through my therapeutic practice and teaching, I've observed that people heal faster, acquire more skills and develop greater somatic confidence when they participate in their own movement education and postural re-patterning. A mindful movement practice increases resilience and well-being, and there is no therapeutic substitute for exploring one's own physical potential.  Therefore, I encourage as much healthy movement as possible with respect to clients' age, condition and ability.

My approach emphasizes movement practices that safely develop ease and balance in the body. My priority is to make whole-body movement accessible and enjoyable, to offer guidance to sedentary clients breaking out of inertia, and to give already-active clients additional resources to expand their mobility.

I offer attentive instruction in corrective and restorative exercises, gentle stretching, joint mobilization and stabilization, postural alignment, visualization and integrative movement techniques.  I teach from a broad movement vocabulary, helping clients

  • develop physical confidence and adaptability
  • improve balance, strength and flexibility
  • decompress the spine and uplift posture
  • acquire new movement skills
  • refine body awareness
  • unmask causes of pain and restriction
  • recover from injury, surgery and illness
  • overcome the effects of sedentarism
  • restore lost range of motion

Feeling physically competent, flexible and pain-free in daily life is essential to our vitality and optimistic attitude. The most effective movement program is one that merges easily with ordinary activities; that we can do consistently, without needing complex equipment and large blocks of time.  I encourage clients to integrate positive, achievable habits into their lives rather than adopt specialized or repetitive workout routines.

My focus is providing movement instruction that falls outside the conventional gym/fitness context. I am a Certified Natural Movement Trainer, currently completing my Restorative Exercise Specialist Certification, and have been working for 18 years with Ida Rolf's Movement Integration.  My work is informed by my study and training in dance, the Gokhale Method, the Franklin Method, BodyMind Centering, yoga and emerging natural movement modalities.



Through StudioKatieG, I provide online movement assessment, education, instruction and support for clients around the world. I conduct my sessions through Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

StudioKatieG is private, efficient way to commit to better health and mobility in a comfortable environment of your own choosing. There is no travel time, no need to join a gym or club, and no specialized equipment required. Sessions are adaptable for individuals wishing to begin or maintain regular exercise, as well those requiring guidance for specific conditions.  My online movement sessions provide focused, knowledgable attention and are a lifeline to health for housebound, elderly and recuperating clients. They support your movement practice with accountability, supervision and companionship.

Once you have set up your client account and movement space, you will find that the transition into movement practice is easy. Appointments may be booked directly by clicking on the orange Contact or Schedule buttons at the bottom or right of the screen, or through my online appointment service, which can directly process payments via PayPal or credit card. 

To learn more about my local and community practice, please visit

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